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Saudi American Group For Real Estate Investment (S.A.G. INVESTMENT) Professional, diversified and comprehensive real estate services on all real estate related issues including real estate development and investment


S.A.G. INVESTMENT is a huge investment alliance between a number of American, Saudi and Egyptian companies. The alliance supports a solid base of financial, intellectual and accumulated expertise among its founders, which has contributed to continuous success and growth


The Arab Republic of Egypt represents the ideal model for the appropriate and supportive state for all investment fields in general and real estate investment field, especially in light of the encouraging investment measures carried out by the State now as well as in the direction of the state towards more encouraging measures for investment in the near future. To invest and invest in them


It follows the Arab Republic of Egypt in terms of the interest of the group Senegal, which is the western gateway to the African continent, which is the treasure of the future for the whole world With expertise in the United States and Saudi Arabia, S.A.G. INVESTMENT is in the process of developing an ambitious strategy for the future of real estate in Egypt to keep pace with the global real estate boom


Sahara Construction Company was established at 1994 by Musab Al-Najjar and Bassel AlNajjar in Texas, USA. During the past years, the company has implemented a wide range of projects for a number of government and private entities, including personal projects owned directly by the company in the United States.

The company, in partnership with O'philia Home, a well-established American nationality company, was established by him and his wife, Eng. Philia Rifai, in 1991, with the establishment of foreign investment in Saudi Arabia under the name of Sahara Construction Contracting Co. Ltd. as a foreign investment company in Saudi Arabia in 2007

Our Story

The company has carried out many real estate and infrastructure developments in the United States of America. These projects have been developed for residential neighborhoods serving all strata of society. All infrastructure included water, electrical, sewage, gas, communication cables, sidewalks and landscaping


Private and government contracting include Real estate development and infrastructure work. Building works such as residential, commercial, industrial, administrative, and governmental establishments. Construction of roads, bridges, dams and tunnels. Networks and works of water and sanitation and stations and maintenance. Mechanical and electrical works, calibration and maintenance.Design and implementation of waterproof and thermal insulation works, decoration and finishing. Establishment, maintenance and maintenance of factories
Information tech,computer systems, networks and comprehensive systems.
Information tech, computer landscaping and systems
Construction,operation and maintenance of telephone networks.
Construction and maintenance of metal structures and hangar
Cleaning of cities and maintenance and operation of hospitals.

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